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PRESS RELEASE September 21, 2006 . Contact: Gunilla Girardo, President, SACC-USA, Phone US: 703-836 6560. Email Reaching Out From Lidköping; Record Setting Edays by All Measures Lidköping, on the shores of Lake Vänern in Western Sweden, hosted the Swedish-American Entrepreneurial Days, August 21-23, 2006. Organized by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC-USA) this 10th anniversary Entrepreneurial Days, or Edays, was record setting by all measures. There were over 750 Swedish and American attendees, over 860 prescheduled business matchmaking sessions, and the largest number of exhibitors ever assembled for this important annual Swedish-American trade event. Urban Lundberg, Special Director for this year’s Edays, “Edays in Lidköping exceeded all expectations. The number of visitors, the level of speakers, the quality of networking and the hospitality of the host city, were unsurpassed.” The purpose of Edays is to initiate business and trade relationships between the USA and Sweden. Using a combination of one-on-one meetings, industry specific programs, presentations and exhibitions, Edays provides a platform for interaction, cooperation, collaboration and learning. Themes of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as bi-lateral trade and development issues are key themes during the event. David Bohigian, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce says, “This event ties together entrepreneurship and trade, bringing visions to reality for the 21st century.” Kent Johansson, President of the Regional Development Committee for Västergötland says, “We understand global competition and cooperation. Fifty percent of our regional businesses are already internationally owned or working globally. Edays is a valuable tool to extend our reach.” Gordon Goransson in a Volvo cab For the attendees and exhibitors, Edays was a measurable success. Mayor Michael Hurtt from Desoto, Texas said, “This has been the best exchange we’ve ever attended. It truly did what it was supposed to do in terms of giving us good matches.” Don McKeny, CEO of Mardon Healthcare Information Systems said that he will continue to attend the Edays. “The professionalism of the participating business attendees and their willingness to share business concepts and product identification to another entrepreneur is without question the best experience that I have ever had on an international meeting. Since my return to Arizona I have been able to move forward with at least four different contacts with a real possibility to introduce our Engineered Forms Process product to Sweden within a year’s period of time.” Representatives from diverse industries as well as service providers and consultants were unanimously enthusiastic. Political leaders, dignitaries and business leaders participated in site visits, panel discussions, and workshops. The social events included a cocktail reception at Läckö Castle, and a Nobel-style banquet dinner at the F7 Skaraborg Wing of the Swedish Air Force Michael Treschow, Chairman of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and Chairman of Ericsson said, “These days give a clear signal about trade relations between Sweden and the USA. The opportunities have never been better, and this is only the beginning!” The 2006 SACC-USA Entrepreneurial Award sponsored by Sparbanken in Lidköping and Swedbank was awarded to Absolent. The next Edays will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA on April 16-18, 2007 and in South Sweden August 20 – 23, 2007. For more information, visit and ### About SACC-USA: The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, Inc. (SACC-USA) is an umbrella organization for the 20 Swedish-American chambers of commerce across the United States. It serves more than 2,500 members in Sweden and the U.S. SACC-USA’s mission is to facilitate trade, commerce and investment between the U.S. and Sweden. For more information visit: About the Swedish-American Entrepreneurial Days (Edays): Organized by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the United States, Inc. (SACC-USA) the Edays has become the most important annual business trade and networking event between Sweden and the U.S—all categories—in both directions. For the past 10 years the Edays has enabled small and large companies to attend one central event to further U.S. and international commerce.

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